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Pro-Active Cleaning Gel  
Part Code: ymd65049-00-20
Pro-Active Cleaning Gel

Price: £9.89

Size: 1L Bottle
1L Refill
5L Bottle

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Suitable for all motorized two-wheelers and ATVs.
Regular, thorough cleaning of your motorcycle is paramount for maintaining its appeal and value but takes a lot of time and effort. Many cleaning agents and acidic/alkali cleaners actually corrode the bike and present major problems to health and the environment.
Yamalube® Pro-Active Cleaning Gel quickly and efficiently removes dirt, grime and grease.

Features & Benefits

  • Removes the toughest contaminants actively and without residue
  • Anti corrosion additives
  • Adheres even to vertical surfaces
  • Dries without residue and leaves lasting shine
  • Is acid/alkali-free absolutely no corrosion


Spray the entire motorcycle with Yamalube® Pro-Active Cleaning Gel, let it work in for 5 minutes, then rinse down thoroughly with a strong water jet.
For extreme contamination (e.g. chain grease or encrusted oil), let it work in for up to 30 minutes before thoroughly rinsing down, until there is no more noticeable foaming. If necessary, you can use a sponge to get the toughest blemishes or dirt.

Please note: Do not use under a hot sun or apply to heated surfaces, and do not apply on uncoated high-gloss polished aluminium parts.

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